Africa is a perfect destination that has something for everyone. For the adventurous we have mountains, lakes and mighty rivers to explore with their myriad of wild animals and cultures. For the altruistic, we offer the opportunity to volunteer at schools, orphanages and hospitals. And for those wanting to experience the delights of a safari or gorilla trekking we have hundreds of hand-picked parks to enthrall you.

What sort of holiday are you looking for?

Want to make a difference volunteering, see something amazing with a safari or just relax somewhere beautiful?

Where do you want to go?

Choose one of our hand picked locations and make this a memory worth milions.


Jambo! Welcome to Kenya...a diverse and stunning landscape of lush hills and mountains, savannah and sandy white beaches. It offers magnificent mountaineering, hiking, ballooning and scuba diving as well as its tradition of safaris. Safari which in Swahili means “journey” is at the heart of Kenya.


Dramatic waterfalls, Lake Victoria, the majestic Nile River; a country at the geographical heart of Africa where jungle meets savannah. This is Uganda! It is a place of unbelievable natural beauty and a rich tapestry of tribes and contrasting cultures; a country that Winston Churchill visited and called the Pearl of Africa.


Tanzania offers both highs and lows! It boasts the highest peak, the world famous Mt Kilimanjaro, and the deepest lake, Lake Tanganyika, as well as offering some spectacular scenery in between. The country is home to the Serengeti National Park, where you can spy on the Big 5 and witness the amazing migration of wilderbeest.


The wildest of the wild - this remote and rugged land hosts some of the best safaris on the planet. It’s a picture of paradise with the mighty Zambezi River, the awesome Victoria Falls and some of the most unspoiled countryside in Africa. The Great Lakes, the wetlands and the open plains of four national parks provide an idyllic setting to watch wildlife.


Rwanda is simply a magical country - it’s known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, so called because of its unique landscape of extinct volcanoes and grassy highlands. This lush landscape is home to the magnificent mountain gorilla, and is famous for its large number of sightings of this endangered species.

We do have contacts in many other African countries so can also arrange trips to those destinations too, please enquire now for more information