Medical Volunteering and Mission Trips

Healthcare is a basic necessity that should be available to all, yet many in Africa are deprived of this. Day after day, sick children go untreated due to a lack of accessible medical personnel and facilities. They need your help and they need it now.

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  • All holidays are 100% tailor made and uniquely different from another.
  • Travel with experienced, experts who know Africa inside out.
  • Interact with local people and learn more about the country you are visiting.
  • See some amazing sights and wildlife parks that will take your breath away.
  • Accommodation ranges from luxurious to affordable meeting western standards.

Medical volunteeringIf you are in the medical profession, your skills are desperately needed in the villages of Uganda,, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia and if you join forces with Sandfield Travel, we can help you to make a difference on a holiday that gives back to the community.

We send groups of medical volunteers - nurses, doctors, dentists and medical students from all over the world to offer aid/assistance in Africa.

We work closely with local churches and medical groups within villages to bring medical support.

Medical Mission Trips To Africa

If you join us on a medical volunteering trip, you will work for the Kisa Medical Centre which was co-founded by Sandfield Travel and Mityana Baptist Church with our former clients.  Our mission is to find sustainable low cost solutions to poverty related issues and to operate this medical centre and offer outreach support to the local communities that otherwise would have no access to healthcare facilities.

There’s no denying it’s hard work - we serve up to 1000 patients every time we take a medical team to Uganda. But there is also no work without play!  When you join us in Uganda you will also have the amazing opportunity to see the wonderful wildlife on a superb safari, or to seek out the elusive mountain gorilla on a trek of a lifetime.

So why not join us on an exciting journey that gives everyone so much more.

Please contact us for more information about medical volunteer trips to Africa.

Let us know your needs and we will tailor make your trip for you. All placements include accommodation, transportation, meals, park visits, and contacts for support and help. Contact us to discuss options for your medical volunteering and mission trips.

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