Teaching Volunteering Trips and Opportunities Abroad

How about combining volunteer teaching with an African Safari for your next adventure? We arrange for voluntourists to experience the rewards of volunteer teaching and an unforgettable African safari in countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia.

Why use us

  • All holidays are 100% tailor made and uniquely different from another.
  • Travel with experienced, experts who know Africa inside out.
  • Interact with local people and learn more about the country you are visiting.
  • See some amazing sights and wildlife parks that will take your breath away.
  • Accommodation ranges from luxurious to affordable meeting western standards.

volunteering trips teachingThere are a range of opportunities in various locations, to teach subjects such as English, Maths, the Sciences, Drama and Art. From this worthwhile experience you will learn as much as you teach!

It can be a unique and uplifting experience but also a humbling one, as you gain an insight into the day to day lives of an African people/ Africa’s (everyday) people.  In our experience, Volutourists return to their homes, with a renewed passion for their work and a zest for life.

And here’s the good news - no special qualifications are required for a volunteer teaching trip. All you need is an adventurous spirit and a desire to lend a helping hand.


Volunteering Trips to Africa

Your trip will include:

  • Teaching arrangements with local schools

  • All transportation

  • Tours to explore the African safaris and wildlife with experienced local guides

  • Cultural trips

  • Visits to local markets and bazaars

  • Accommodation and some meals

We tailor our trips to an individual’s needs and interests and build it around personal schedules and budgets. So let us do our job to so that you can enjoy time out from yours, to serve a community whilst enjoying a safari expedition into the wilds of Africa. For more information, please send your questions via our contact page.

Let us know your needs and we will tailor make your trip for you. All placements include accommodation, transportation, meals, park visits, and contacts for support and help. Contact us to discuss options for your teaching volunteering trips and opportunities abroad.

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