Africa’s Big Five and big six

The Africa’s big five or big six Safari

Africa’s Big Five and big six

If you’re looking for a safari in Africa and have carried out research on it, you must have come across the term “ Africa’s Big Five and big six. ” The Big Five refers to the African: lion, buffalo, elephant, rhino and leopard. What excites most tourists is the fact that Africa is the only place where you can enjoy a Big Five safari. Most reserves in Africa have all the big five animals. Let’s take a closer look at the creatures that attract hundreds of tourists to Africa every year.

Safari In Africa

African Elephant

African Elephant in Murchison Falls National Uganda.

The African elephant is the largest mammal in the world and is surprisingly adaptable. A ban on all ivory trade has helped stabilize the population of this magnificent creature to about 600,000 in the last decade. However, poaching is still a major issue – particularly in areas where there is political instability in Africa. Elephants are peaceful when left alone but if they feel threatened – then that’s another story!  Elephants are very social and affectionate animals. They move in a family of about 100 members. Who wouldn’t want to see such a magnificent creature and that too, a 100 of them altogether? It should be a sight you’ll cherish.

African Rhino

There are two kinds of rhinos in Africa: the Black rhino and the White rhino. The Black rhino has suffered the most declines with just 4000 remaining in the wild today. The White rhino is larger in number; 17000. Rhinos are actually neither white nor black; they are all grey. Black rhinos prefer to live in solitary and they reside in savannas, shrub and bushes. White rhinos tend to be more social and live in groups. South Africa is home to more than 80% of Africa’s rhino population.

African Leopard

Leopards usually use trees as observation platforms and for protection so you must remember to look up to see this beautiful cat while on safari. Leopards are shy and nocturnal. They are smaller than lions in size. The are extremely agile jumpers and can run at the speed of 35 miles per hour. They live throughout the sub Saharan Africa.  This great creature is on The International Union of Conservation of Nature’s “near threatened” list.

African Lion 

This is one  of the Africa’s Big Five and big six and one of the most exciting animals to see on safari. Lions are very social animals and they live in prides. They are excellent hunters but you’re more likely to see one sleeping rather than hunting. Lions can reach about 14 years of age. Most tourists are most excited to see this creature man has admired for its beauty and strength for years.


Cape Buffalo

African Buffalo in Uganda

These are usually found in protected wild life areas with plenty of water throughout sub Saharan Africa. Studies have shown four types of species of the buffalo in Africa. These are considered Africa’s most dangerous animals – even lions won’t attempt to attack these unless they have friends helping them!

Mountain Gorillas

However, here at sandfieldtravel we like the Africa’s Big Five and big six and the sixth  being the mighty mountain Gorillas these are most seen on your mountain gorilla trekking and most done in Uganda.

At least, Many people have them on their bucket list of must-see and do activities but very few are able to do it and see them in their natural habitat. for this reason, I have always felt that mountain gorillas should be added on the list.

The countries where you have the most chances of seeing Africa’s Big Five and big six are:  Uganda Kenya and Tanzania

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