African wildlife safari through these photos


African wildlife safari

African wildlife safari – is one of the most on the bucket list of many people. In  the past three years many of people have not managed to go and visit.

I know for sure that the situation will not remain the same. everyone is itching to travel again and experience  African wildlife safaris in person.  I have been thinking of ways to share with you some of the animals i am missing to see in their natural habitat, and may be you too are missing them!

Or maybe you just would like to come and see them and never been but it’s on bucket list of things do and see.

Lets have some fun together and share some memories – Lets go on this African Wildlife safari through photos.

Elephants feeding
Huge African Elephants

Here is photo of herd of elephants with their young ones feeding on the river banks in Uganda’s Murchison falls National park – These majestic looking animals some of the my favarourites when on an African wildlife safari.  They are fast, strong and not to be messed with.


What I like about African Elephants

I heard you asking but why do love them so much? They are special and when one observes them they have special kind of bond amongst each other. They are super emotional  especially if they find one of their kind has died you can visibly see them in tears and full of sadness.

The other thing i love about these elephants is their ability and willingness to protect other  African wildlife. If they see a lion trying to attack another smaller animal, they will not think twice to come and defend them.

Lastly, All elephants in their species, are are being threaten and hunted by evil elephant tusk hunters. by all of trying to see them up-close in their natural habitat then we will truly understand why we all have a duty to protect these amazing animals from poachers.