Kenyan Safaris from Nairobi

Birthplace of Kenyan Safari Adventures, Nairobi The capitol of Kenya, Nairobi is home to the about 7% of the whole Kenyan population. When traveling with Sandfield Travel to Kenya you

Kenya Safaris from Nairobi.

Kenyan Safaris from Nairobi – Nairobi is the gateway to all of the wildlife and safari adventures Kenya has to offer.  Sometimes, you may be having some extra time to spend in Kenya and wondering what you could do with that time . Join a Kenyan safaris from Nairobi –


Kenyan Safaris from Nairobi can be fun. Not only is Nairobi a bustling city, it is also a great place for volunteering and giving back in schools and orphanages in the Kibera slum.

Though most people only go to Nairobi’s biggest airport, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport there are many great attractions that Nairobi has to offer. Some popular sites to visit are the Ramoma Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art; the Masai Market in Nairobi, Kenya; the Nairobi National Park; the Nairobi National Museum; David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and the Langata Giraffe Centre.

Nairobi was founded British colonists in the late 1800s and since then it has grown in population and importance to the whole Africa and world. The railroad industry has exponentially increased the growth of Nairobi making it the capitol of British East Africa in 1907.

Safari from Nairobi
Mother Elephant with baby – seen on safari from Nairobi

Today over three million people live in Nairobi, about half living in the infamous Kibera slum. Nowadays when touring the heart of Nairobi on a holiday you can witness the impressive skyline and city parks.

Though Nairobi has been greatly improving over the past decade there are still problems that you can help with. Over 150,000 people live in the Kibera slum according to the 2009 Kenyan census, however others believe that there are close to over 1 million residents. Kibera is the third largest slum in the world and most of its residents do not have running water or electricity.

When taking a holiday with Sandfield Travel you can have the life changing experience to help and lend a hand to the locals of Kibera. Sandfield Travel can connect you with orphanages, schools, environmental conservation projects, mission trips, and many other good causes.

You can have the tailor made opportunity to give back to Kenya and its people with Sandfield Travel’s Kenyan adventures. Go to Nairobi, and many other popular Kenyan attractions starting at £650. Take a look at all the options of our tours on our website.

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