A: Uganda is a very safe destination to travel to.

A: Please Email us and ask that we speak to you. Read our reviews and more so ask for some reference from previous clients.

A: We generally discourage swimming in lakes in Uganda as most of them have bilharzia.

A: No. We encourage you to speak to your family doctor or travel specialist doctors as they are the most specialised people who can help you in this regard.

A: Although some areas are said to be easier than others but all gorillas are the Bwindi or Mgahinga, it’s a hard slog climbing through thick forest undergrowth but seeing the gorillas will make you realised how worth it was.

A: Although no one can 100% guarantee seeing the gorillas especially given the fact that we are dealing with wildlife but todate, we have never taken any one and failed to see them. There is a very good chance of seeing them.

A: It’s tough and sometimes steep, you need to be in a reasonable fitness form. If you find yourself there and tired, we always encourage to get the service of the porters – They’re able to make money to look after their families and you will be able to have them help you out when you are most tired.

A: rain jacket, hiking boots, gardening gloves

A: The fact that you have travelled with sandfieldtravel, you have already done  great deal of good.  Read our responsible travel policy

A: It should not be a problem, but we encourage you to first come visit and then when you go back you will be in much better position to give as you will have learned more about what this community may badly need.

A: All lodges we use, are locally owned and employ 95% local people born and raised in Uganda and nearby villages.

A: In Uganda, it’s possible to get a visa at the airport for most people but we always encourage you if possible obtain your visa prior to coming as this speeds up the immigration checks at the airport.

A: Sandfieldtravel mostly runs tailor-made gorilla trekking and Ugandan safaris, which means we will have plenty of time to ask you what you want and be able to tailor your needs to the right type accommodations.

A: Yes of course. Tell what you want to see and do and we will just advise you how best to maximise your time in Uganda based on our long time experience and local knowledge of Uganda.

A: We encourage you to tip as how your heart feels, There is no starndard requirement to tip. Only tip if you feel our guides or other have done you a good job.

A: While in major cities in Uganda it’s possible to use your credit cards, however, upcountry it maybe a little difficult. Speak to us before you and we can best advise you closer to time.

A: Yes we do through paypal and you be charged a normal Credit card surcharge fee.

A: Very easy, once you land and picked up, your guide driver will be able to take you to currency exchange agent.

A: These tend to fluctuate, so It won’t be wise to tell you now but ask us here during your preparation time and will tell you.

A: Don’t bring your most valuable and it’s always better to leave them home and find them on your return.

A: Yes. Our guides can speak English, French and German mostly.

A: You will be surprised to find that Uganda is generarally mild weather country compared to other destination. South and western Uganda, at night you will need a jacket or sweater as it get chilly. Average temperature is 26 Celsius

A: Uganda is generary an all year around destination, with some rains in November, April and May but not so serious to stop a great wildlife safari experience.

A: Currently we cannot but we are happy to recommend you to our flight bookinh partners who will take good care of your flight portion of the trip.

A: Inform us as soon as you confirm your booking about your dietry needs. You will be fine but we just want to make sure all is well in advance.

A: Tell us in advance and will be able to take care of your dietry requirements.

A: Please email: info@www.sandfieldtravel.com