Introducing Village Schools Feeding project

Village schools feeding project.


Part of Sandfieldtravel founder’s personal mission is fighting childhood hunger and one of his vehicles is village schools feeding project  “I personally spent most of my primary school days without lunch. I had to walk more than 24 km everyday to reach my home. Life was really hard at that time. Seeing many other kids go through this  is heartbreaking”.

Saandfieldtravel village schools feeding project
Sandfieldtravel – Village Schools feeding project in Uganda is changing lives.


From the start, we wanted sandfieldtravel to be a different kind of safari travel company, one that is know for great safari experience but also for changing lives.

Working in village schools we already partnered with, we looked at ways we can help further education in these communities. One area we identified and observed was how fewer kids were having lunch at these schools.  We set about changing that through the Village Schools feeding project. and before covid-19 hit the world and destroyed the little we had. We have reached three schools and providing porridge to more than 750 kids every single school day. Majority of these kids would have spent the whole day at school on empty stomachs.

Our plan was to reach 10 village school by 2021 but that was hampered.


We are excited for what’s in store for 2022. We are going to be partnering with Blue turaco coffee  bring numbers up fight childhood hunger in village schools.

Feeding kids Lunch in Village school in Uganda has value

There is various research that show that on average kids that have lunch at Schools do better compared to those that don’t.  It also helps with improved attendence as more parents are sending more their kids into school. The improvement in classroom attendance coupled with improved learning and  other health benefits, makes this program vital for both education and health of the kids.

Come and join us on this crazy journey but one that has so much promises to change many village schools kids lives for better.