Medical Volunteer Trip in Uganda Africa

Medical Volunteer trip: Make a medical difference with your skills Going on a medical volunteer trip to Uganda will give you the opportunity to make a difference in your...

Going on a medical volunteer trip to Uganda will give you the opportunity to make a difference in your way. Health care is a basic necessity yet many in Africa are deprived of it. Sick children are left to deteriorate in their conditions because of the lack of accessible medical personnel and facilities.

There are children who have never been to a doctor, let alone dentist or an eye doctor. It is a luxury….

Every year Sanfieldtravel sends a few groups of medical volunteers to Africa. These volunteers combine their medical volunteering work with the pleasure of going on a safari or mountain gorilla trekking as well.

These medical professionals include the various types of medical doctors, nurses, dentists and medical students.

If you are in the medical profession, your skills are highly needed in the villages of Uganda.

Join us and a group of medical professionals from all over the world for a trip of a life time to Uganda, Africa.

Here we work with local churches and medical groups…we set up medical cares in villages of Uganda. Some of the people  have never been to a doctor, dentist or seen a nurse. You will give them basic medical care like dental check up, general medical care or specialized care if needed.

We will also run a basic hygiene workshop for the villages. Some may not have even owned a toothbrush all their life.

If you come on a medical volunteering trip with us, you will work alongside Kisa Medical Centre which is the only medical facility in the village of Butebi and surrounding fishing villages. We serve up to 1000 patients every time we take a medical team to different villages for the week we spend there.

Kisa Medical Centre it’s mission is to find sustainable low cost solutions to fund and operate  efficient  medical centres to help in solving one of Uganda’s biggest problem “healthcare” We are there to serve the people who have no medical health care facilities at all.

The Safari Excursion in Uganda

After all the work that have  you put into serving, it is time to have fun and enjoy what nature has to offer in Uganda. We combine medical volunteering with safari adventures- time to see the wildlife of Africa and the natural fauna and flora that are unique to Ugandan and Africa.

This trip may be a time for you to reflect on your life, your medical profession and will probably be able to put you in the next level of performance.

Please contact us for more information about medical volunteer trip to Uganda Africa.

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