Post Covid-19 Safari Experiences – Uganda


the map of east African.

d-19 Safari experiences.


Post covid-19 safari experiences  – Whether we want it or not the time is coming when we call all dreams of being on African safari experiences again.

Looking at 2022 and beyond, every that passes brings us closer to that moment.  The last 2 and half years have been brutal to the travel industry but to individuals as many people’s mental health got even worse.

Three things that are helping me be more optimistic about the future travel prospects

  1. Covid -19 Jabs

It’s becoming more clearer that the more people get covid-19 jabs the fewer the people are hospitalized – Once more than 60% of all the people that are supposed to be jabbed are jabbed the better – That’s according to UK’s Covid -19 policy leaders.

2. Technology and know-how

Over the past two years since the first outbreak of Covid-19, our understanding and technology has become much better. We know roughly have a better understanding of the disease’s impact.

We also now know what is needed to better protect ourselves from Covid-19 disease. This is great as it kind of takes away the fear we had at the beginning of the pandemic.

3. Governments Support

The support western governments put in place at the beginning of the pandemic has been the greatest weapon against this pandemic. The financial support to the citizens as well as low-cost funding to the big biotech companies meant that getting treatment and inoculation meds were found easier.

All these give a great deal of optimism for the future of post-covid-19 safari experiences.

Many people have stayed away from their usual travel patches, putting on hold their dream safari experience or bucket list travel destinations. 2022 looks to awaken some of these.

One thing we should understand and come to terms with is that covid-19 is here stay with us for some time – and from time to time it will be evolving.

I believe that our current understanding and data around covid-19 now leave us in a better place to start normal travel.


Where are you itching to visit as the world reopens?