Queen Elizabeth National Park; Uganda’s Most Popular Destination

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Ugandans 10 National Parks famously known to be Uganda’s most popular tourist destination.

At fast glace, the park is 1,978 square kilometers and spans the equator line with monuments on either side near the road.

The Park which was founded in 1952 originally as Kazinga National Park is one of Uganda’s oldest National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has a diverse ecosystem of sprawling savanna, shady, humid forests, sparkling lakes, and fertile wetlands.

Home to over 95 mammals species, ten primates including chimpanzees and over 600 species of birds.

Birds of Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National park also seats against the backdrop of the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains giving you breathtaking views.

The park’s pleasing views include dozens of enormous craters carved dramatically into rolling green hills.

It’s also home to the Kazinga Channel with its banks lined with hippos, buffalo, and elephants not forgetting the endless Ishasha plains, whose fig trees hide lions ready to pounce on herds of unsuspecting Uganda kob which are the lions’ favorite meal.


With fantastic cultural history and communities that leave in the park is undeniably a whole destination package.

Some of the activities you can do in Queen Elizabeth National Park are the game drive which gives you a classic African safari experience, nature walks, coffee tour, meeting locals for storytelling, music, dance, and drama which directly benefits their communities.

Others are Bird Watching, Boat cruise on the Kazinga channel, Chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura Gorge also famously known as the valley of Apes and visiting the Katwe salt works.

The Hot air balloon ride is another recent addition on the list of activities in Queen Elizabeth National park.


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