Uganda Safari Holiday,the Power Of A Friendly Touch in Organising an African Safari

Your Uganda Safari Holiday or African safari holiday dreams can be made or broken by friendly or unfriendly customer service experience. Don’t you love it when organizing anything let a lone an Africa...
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Uganda Safari Holiday,

Don’t you love it when organizing anything let alone a Uganda safari holiday and you correspond with people who reply to you in a friendly manner? In my experience in the service sector, i have found that dealing with clients in a  friendly way has always made a difference.

This is not different when it comes to organizing a Uganda safari holiday, for the trip to be a success, the tour operator and it’s guiding staff have to be knowledgeable but most of all, they gotta be friendly.

If in the initial stage and start to feel the consultant you’re dealing with is replying your emails in an unfriendly way, this should be a red flag for you. You may see amazing wildlife on your dream Uganda safari holiday but if your guides and many staff were unfriendly in their approach this will ruin your experience completely.


As a tour operator make all your staff and stakeholders know how important this is to the success of the safari packages you put together for your customers. I would even go as far as asking to make sure all everyone involved in organizing and making your customer’s Africa Safari holiday amazing sign an agreement.


The friendliness should be in your company’s customer services DNA. Here at Sandfieldtravel, we have seen many happy return business as a result of this philosophy.  Let your focus be beyond profit margins. If customers are happy you will see your profits growing.

Please don’t settle for unfriendly service, you’re paying for it and remember it’s not that cheap but most of all, you want to have wonderful memories of your w holiday for the rest of your life.

What do you think about the article, Do you agree that a friendly touch is important in crafting amazing safari adventures?

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